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Small business owner…. You can’t learn it all from a book….

Recently I attended a small business seminar, not as a speaker, but as guest of one of my clients. The room had approximately 50 people, eager to learn the secrets of starting and growing a business. The seminar was free of charge and someone did a good job spreading the word about the presentation.

The main speaker was a business person who started her business about six months ago. She waved a book and told the audience that everything she needed to start and grow a business was in the book. Her 35 minute dissertation was about the method outlined in the book and throughout the talk she kept emphasizing how she is following every detail suggested in this book. People were taking notes and yes, most of them wrote down the name of the book to add to their collection.

After the meeting I visited with the presenter and asked how her business was doing and at what stage of the business she was in.  In short, her answer was that she really had not made much progress with her personal business, but she really wanted to become a speaker to help new businesses get started. Once again the book was mentioned as the method she would like to teach.

Once again I want to emphasize the need for a coach for all businesses, whether it’s new or an existing business that wants to grow. As a business consultant/coach I follow my own advice and use an outside person to bounce my ideas off, help me plan and to help me stay accountable.

The reality I want to share today is that a good coach/consultant is the very best business investment you can make. Most good coaches will work with a small business and structure affordable payment methods or even participate in the ownership of the venture. A good coach will help grow your business and in some cases, tell you not to start a business or to change direction in your current business. The answers are not always pleasant to hear, but that is part of the value. If you think you cannot afford a coach at this stage in your business life, perhaps you should rethink your business and whether it should continue.

I don’t want to stifle people’s dreams; I want to put work clothes on them so that they can become a reality. Don’t ever be afraid, or feel that you can do everything yourself, find a business support group or a coach to help.

It’s good to be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Nick J. Petra CFP        Make it a successful today!



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