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Can you really make thousands of dollars on a regular bases using the internet?????

For the fourth quarter of this year I am going to study internet based businesses. My goal is to interview people that are running home based internet businesses. I want to find out their successes and failures; how much money they made and what their initial investment was.

There is so much “hype” on this subject in the way of e-mails, seminars, books, etc… that it becomes very easy for those that want to earn “quick & easy bucks” to  take advantage of these offers and send their money to a “promoter”.. There are also those that are willing to work hard if presented with an opportunity and a process which will allow them to add additional income to their current income or to replace an income due to a job loss.

I am starting this project with a positive attitude and an open mind. I believe that there are ways that a person can earn income by offering a value based service to others by using the internet. I will publish progress reports as I deem them something useful to pass on. I am accepting stories from my readers sharing both successes and failures.

The following are the major areas I will be researching:

  • What type of businesses are best suited to be internet based?
  • What target markets are best suited to use internet business and have their needs met?
  • What options exist to market such a service on the internet which will allow you to differentiate yourself?
  • How can an internet business earn the respect and trust of potential users?
  • How long does it take to start a successful internet business?
  • What are the startup costs for an internet business?
  • Is there a difference in the business plan for an internet based business versus a traditional business?

If you are interested in more frequent progress reports on this project, please send your e-mail address to me at

Try not to become men of success. Rather become men of value.                      Albert Einstein

Nick J. Petra CFP       Everything is possible for those who seek the right way to accomplish a goal.



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