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They are trying to sell me something…….

Many opportunities are lost by small business owners due to a fear of being “sold” a product or service. No, you can’t use every product or service that is being presented, but a “no” answer without listening, learning  or meeting the “sales “person may be an opportunity missed.

Marketing is one of the major components in the creation of a successful business and all of us, sometime in our marketing process, have been turned down without having a chance to share our story.

All of us are in the people business and no one knows for sure what help a person can be in growing your own business. That “salesperson” may not have a product or service you can use, but you can also share your story and you may end up with an advocate out in the community, telling your story. You may not have use for the product or service being offered, but it may be something that can be used at a future time; in the meantime, you can add another contact to your support list.

A simple yet effective process for handling incoming sales calls is as follows:

  • Have your calendar up to date. It should show the times you are devoting to marketing.
  • Pick a day and time that is dedicated to marketing. Make this day and time your “in person” weekly visiting time; it could be in your office, home, coffee shop, etc.
  • When you get a call from a sales person, tell them your availability and tell them that you allow 10 minutes for their presentation. I suggest that you allow 30 minutes in your own schedule if you schedule more than one presenter on a given day. This extra time can be used to spend more time if you feel it will be beneficial for you.
  • After their presentation, share your story and look for possible ways that you can support each other’s business.
  • Whether or not you purchase a product or service at the initial meeting, ask them if you can stay in contact with them and ask permission to add them to your “value based monthly newsletter recipients.
  • After the meeting, send them an e-mail acknowledging the meeting and thanking them for their time. If there is a potential for future referral business schedule another meeting to develop a mutually beneficial referral process.
  • Remember, this “sales person” is out in the field and can tell your story to many potential customers. Make sure they have a supply of your brochures and business cards.
  • Add the names of the “presenters” that you wish to work with to your web site referral list.
    • Add those names to your regular follow up (phone, e-mail, etc.) contact process.

Most people will help you grow if there is a relationship of trust and mutual benefit.

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