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Small Business Launch Parties do work………………

Several months ago I wrote about how to introduce your business to friends, relatives, supporters, etc. It does not have to be a new business, but any business that needs a “boost” or “shot in the arm”.

This afternoon I attended a “launch party” for a new business.  It was held in a home from 2 to 4 this afternoon and light but delicious snacks were served along with several choices of beverages.

Let me go back a few months and share a success story. My clients are both working full time and wanted to realize a dream of manufacturing a very special type of jewelry. The wife has a great gift in being very creative and has had a love affair with jewelry all thru high school and college. Starting a business while working full time and having a limited amount of time and capital with which to work is a difficult undertaking in itself. Her husband is the “steady rock” in their business partnership and has the patience to support an out of the box idea and the knowledge to help with accounting and the internet marketing aspect of the business.

The research required to purchase the components with which to make the jewelry was a major undertaking. Stepping out of their comfort zone they researched suppliers and negotiated prices and purchase quantities necessary to bring a product to market which is affordable yet it met the vision statement they came up with during their planning process.

The next step was to determine the sales price for the jewelry so that it covered business overhead and allowed for a profit large enough to continue growing the business. The last step was the intensive work required to design and manufacture the final products. A date was selected and invitations were sent out for the first group.

Now, back to this afternoon; I couldn’t have been more proud of the work, the displays the quality and quantity of jewelry that was on display. This young couple stayed with their dream and took the first big step in growing a fantastic business. The invited guests not only were impressed, but they purchased the products and placed orders for special designs.

They have booked their first “show” at a craft boutique the first weekend in November. They also have inquiries from several retail shops that want to carry their jewelry. No, they can’t retire from their day jobs, but their hard work and determination has put them on the path to a bright future.

While their web site is still in the “finishing stages” I am asking each of you to go to and see a dream turning into reality.  Please bookmark this site and go back to it and watch this business grow. You can be one of the first in the nation to order this great jewelry.

Victory is possible despite impossible circumstances

Nick J. Petra CFP  Let us help you “launch your business”


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