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Public Speaking is a great way to deliver your story…….

I believe and highly recommend speaking to groups about your product or service. This is one of the best ways to tell your story to a captive audience.  The groups are numerous, everything from civic organizations that meet every week and need a speaker for each meeting   to professional groups that meet only several times a year.

Public speaking is ranked as one of the greatest fears that exist in the human mind and most small business owners don’t take advantage of this marketing method.  If you are in business you have to do things that others won’t do in order to grow your business and public speaking is one of them.

Yes, you have to put together a 20 minute presentation. It has to be an information talk, not a sales presentation. It has to be interesting and perhaps have a little humor. Personal stories should be included  because, ultimately, you are the product that may be bought in the future. The underlying theme should be the benefit that your service or product provides. The presentation should be rehearsed in front of your support group, friends and family. Once finished, the presentation can be repeated to many different groups.

The next challenge is to get an invitation to speak; the following are several suggestions:

  • Ask all your  friends and business associates if they are a member of an organization that needs speakers and ask them to help you get in front of their group
  • Put together a brochure which highlights the benefits ( can be entertaining, or current issues in the community or a hobby you have which is unusual , etc.) and then mail it to the group you wish to address.  If you get no response, then you are not selling the benefits; rework your mailing and try again.
  • Volunteer to give a talk to the people in your place of worship.
  • Invite friends and business associates to a breakfast meeting and then present your talk.

Once you have several presentations under your belt, it becomes easier to give the presentation and also to use the group’s name in your marketing material.

The advantage to this marketing method is that it can be implemented in a relatively short time. You will find that there are hundreds of opportunities each month to make a presentation If you sell the benefits of your presentation you will be called upon to speak.

A presentation is a commitment by the presenter to help the audience do something and a constant, simultaneous evaluation of the worth of that commitment by the audience.

Ron Hoff

Nick J Petra CFP   

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