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Make Everyone Responsible…Three critical words in the life of a business

As a small business owner you have to embrace these three words because they apply directly to you. If you become aware of a problem, then it’s yours. In most cases, there is no one else to whom you can give the problem solving. You have no choice but to tackle the problem and solve it.

In a recent meeting with a potential client I asked her to make a list of all the problems she faced in her business; next, I asked her to prioritize them in order of the importance to the future success of the company. I then asked her to put a date as to when each problem was first recognized.

She was more amazed with the list then I was. There was no existing list of problems that hindered her growth.  Yes, she said she had them somewhere in the back of her mind, but never really recognized the stumbling block these problems caused. A few of the dates she placed by her problems were almost as old as her three year old company.

In this first meeting we took the top three problems and asked the questions:

  • How can these problems be solved?
  • What difference would it make to the company’s ability to grow and increase the bottom line if these problems were solved?
  • In what time frame can these problems be solved?

The business owners ability to list all the problems told me that they still hampered her ability to manage and grow the company. Of the twelve problems listed, we determined that the bottom two did not affect the company or its growth, so we crossed them off  our list and hopefully out of  the owners mind.

By bringing these problems to the surface, we can now, together start the process of rebuilding the company with a new Value Based Strategic Focus Plan and continued coaching. Make a list of your “problems” and do as  we did. Then take each one and solve it with the help of your business support partner.

If there is no wind, row.  Tackle your problems today.

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