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The importance of the “Introduction”

As business owners we are in the people business and meeting new people is a major part of a successful marketing program. The most important and powerful part of meeting someone is your self introduction.

Unfortunately, many of us waste that precious marketing moment.  I once heard it said that our self-introduction is a verbal business card; it should be given the same “design” attention as any printed marketing piece.  The following is a method I read about and suggest that you consider its implementation.

  • The first step is to put together a 5 minute talk which best represents you and your business. Carefully design sentences and use words that describe you and your business in the way you would like to be perceived.
  • This five minute presentation, when fully developed and practiced, will allow you to be comfortable and convincing when speaking. It should express the value that you and your business can bring. Don’t focus on personal achievements, focus on the benefits you provide.
  • Remember that you are trying to convey a “WOW” message; something that will have the person you are meeting with a desire to hear more.
  • Keep the language simple; don’t try to impress others by using technical jargon or terms that only apply to your business.  Try to put yourself in the position of a potential customer who may be under pressure to solve some problem.
  • Once you have completed this task, practice it until you can deliver it without having to think about the content. Make a copy of your talk and keep in in your purse or wallet.
    • Use this long version whenever the opportunity presents itself. Often, an initial conversation only lasts 20 to 40 seconds.  In order to meet this time schedule, take your 5 minute talk and select its most important and dynamic features and write an answer to the questions, “what do you do”. Remember to stress the benefits and to create a “WOW” factor so that you can share the rest of your story.

Most people want to improve their situation in life. When they find someone who can communicate something of value to them, they will usually listen.


Nick J. Petra CFP  Growing your Business is our only Business©

John C. Maxwell

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