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The basis for creativity in business…..

On this subject, I like to refer to the book written by Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers. The following are a few highlights, intermingled with a few of my thoughts.

Creativity isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. In business, creativity is a way of life. Creativity is also an internal process; it has to grow from within. I believe that each one of us has the ability to be very creative if we open both our minds and hearts to the process.

To continually develop your own creativity, you have to understand and work on the following:

  • Intuition:  Each of us has experienced “intuition” in some facet of our lives. Unfortunately, business has always been taught as a “science” instead of an “art” and a rigid structure is most often recommended. We can define intuition as ”a direct knowing without conscious reasoning”. I have heard of and met many successful business owners who were guided by their intuition. Allow your intuition to work; it may be one of your best assets.
  • Will  is your character (the ability to carry on after the mood has left you) to implement and to integrate you innovative ideas into your business plan.
  • Joy: Creativity usually brings a degree of “joy”. Working on a creative idea and implementing it most often is accomplished with a new level of enthusiasm.  Joy also helps balance your life and work becomes an energy- building process.
  • Strength: Strength helps you to understand and to process the risks that often come with creativity.  Creativity often takes a business owner “out of the conventional operating box” and helps in evaluating and taking on the necessary risk found in a person’s strength.
  • Compassion: Compassion in this sense means a “loving kindness” first for yourself and then others.  Compassion helps you to nurture your own ability and to recognize it in others.

The very purpose of human existence is to get acquainted with your own essential qualities and express them in your daily activities. These five qualities are essential for business growth; accept your intuition, exercise your will, be joyous in your work, have the strength to persevere and have compassion that leads to confidence.

If you aren’t reorganizing, pretty substantially, once every six to twelve months, you’re probably out of step with the times.

Tom Peters

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