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Dream & Compare… Are you and your business on the right path?

Are you continuously blazing new trails in your personal and business life? In a small business our personal lives are closely intertwined with our business life. When you do the following exercise incorporate both your personal and business life into one answer for each of the six questions. Find a quiet place, set aside a few hours, and in your journal write down your answers.

  1. Describe what you feel a perfect day would be.
  2. Describe what a perfect week would look like to you.
  3. Describe what an ideal, perfect year would be like

Don’t rush your answers; this is an inward look to pull out your dreams and aspirations.

  1. Select a day from this past week and describe what it was like.
  2. Look at your past week, what was it like?
  3. Now take a glance at the past year, what was it like?

Express your feelings in answering these last 3 questions.  How did you feel about yourself and your business?

Now compare the answers between the two sets of questions. Write down your observations. The success or failure of a business venture is often tied to a business plan that will help us achieve the perfect day, week, and year. Each day should be a “perfect” day because it is lived with the knowledge that we are striving to reach our own ideal.

When creating a Value Based Strategic Focus Plan, this exercise will serve as part of the foundation. Dreams and Values are both an integral part of our planning and coaching process.  Is it time for you to develop a new plan?

Learning is defined as a change in behavior. You haven’t learned a thing until you can take action and use it.

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