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Importance of Emotion in Marketing

Not all products and services are as appealing to consumers as the latest smart phone, tablet or newest automobile.  In order to appeal to the consumer, you need to elicit more emotion from prospective buyers when promoting your products/services. Emotional appeal provides an effective communication method when dealing with the buying public.

Regardless of the products or services a business produces, each small business owner is essentially a sales person . By analyzing your target market you can determine the emotional hot button that will cause them to purchase your products. Consumers will react strongly and eventually act when presented with the appropriate emotional appeal.

Consumers want a positive reason to make a purchase decision. The last thing they want is to feel pressured into making a buying decision.  Pressure will lead to a postponement of the buying decision and may result in a decision not to purchase your products at all.

As sales people our job is to identify the emotional benefits of our products/services and then to allow the consumers to maintain a level of control in the buying decision. They don’t want to be told what to do. By giving enough information, and presenting it in such a way that the consumer puts together, in his mind, a future benefit for this product/service, then a decision will be made to buy.

The presentation method of your product/service is key to the success of Emotional Benefit Marketing. There are many formats available to us including verbal, brochures/flyers, web sites, advertising, social media etc.  Each of these presentation methods must be carefully designed. Certain phrases and images influence the buying decision of the consumer. Each business must know the needs of their target market and how their product/service will fulfill that need. There is not a universal solution in the area of Emotional Benefit Marketing.

This presents another challenge to a business owner. Ideally the process should begin in the initial business plan design, before the business opens. This is another neglected area that usually becomes and exercise for us to solve once the business is open. There is no immediate revelation when this exercise begins. We work to identify the target market, and then research that market to understand their needs (hot buttons) and then start the meticulous work of designing  presentation methods.

This step builds the foundation for all marketing that a firm will do. Patience and follow through are the two key ingredients necessary to develop and implement this process. Work closely with your consultant and spend the necessary time and energy to accomplish this task.

Knowing what has to be achieved is more than 50% of the requirement to reach a goal

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