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The art of positioning a business….

I think…. I think….. I think…..  It’s not what you think that counts! In today’s overcrowded market place your “ I think” has very little value. Positioning is what you do to the mind of your prospect.

In 1982, Al Ries and Jack Trout published a book called “Positioning”. Although the book is now over 30 years old, it still has a prominent place on my book shelf. It’s one of those “must read” books for those who are trying to grow a small business. This blog is a very brief summary of some of the highlights of the book to which I have added a few of my own thoughts, gained through 25 plus years of small business consulting.

It is always best to be the first with a new product or service; with that, you are assured of entering your prospect’s mind as there is no competition. Unfortunately, very few small business are first to introduce a new product or service. The majority of small businesses are in a competitive market place, trying to “claw out” a piece of a pie that has already been cut into many very small pieces.

The following are a few highlights that should be considered in the positioning battle:

  • Perhaps the most important marketing decision is what you name your product/service. Your company name is the “brand” that will hang in your prospect’s mind. Spend time in the naming process and think of the message you want it to convey.
  • If you are first with a product/service, you won the first round. The challenge is to keep the position.
  • A successful approach is to say something about your competition that will cause your prospects to make room for a new product/service. A classic is the following: “for the millions                                                                                     who should not take aspirin,” said Tylenol’s ads. “If your stomach is easily upset…if you have an ulcer… or you suffer from asthma, allergies or iron-deficiency anemia, it would make sense to check with your doctor before you take aspirin. Aspirin can irritate the stomach lining, trigger asthmatic or allergic reaction, cause small amounts of hidden gastrointestinal bleeding. Fortunately there is Tylenol…”

To  be successful today, you must touch base with reality. And the reality that really counts is what’s in the prospect’s mind. Consumers are now being exposed to literally thousands of “buy” messages every day, from walking into a grocery store, to watching TV, to the internet, to social media….etc.  The key is to differentiate yourself; that is the key upon which to build a successful marketing program.

Getting prepared to “market” a product or service is just as important as the actual marketing process itself.

The secret to success is to stop focusing on what you do not have and shift your consciousness to an appreciation for all that you are and that you have.

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