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Election resuslts and small business….

After many months of uncertainty as to who will be leading our country, the results are now in and “Status Quo” won. What does that mean to small business?  I will be addressing that issue in more detail in the coming weeks.

My immediate recommendations are:

  • Cash is king. Make sure that your business is solvent and that you maintain an adequate reserve.
  • Don’t crawl into a dark hole. There will continue to be a demand for goods and services.
  • Keep a close “eye” on “Obama Care” and the regulations that are hidden within it.
  • Learn as much as possible about tax issues that may affect your business
  • Keep your business plans updated with the understanding that there will be changes and you will have to keep your business ready to quickly make the necessary adjustments.

I don’t predict gloom and doom for our country but I do believe that small business will have to play a bigger leadership role. That includes being leaders in your community not just in business but also in local and state government.

Our Country will survive, but prayer and meaningful action will have to part of the future.

Faith keeps the person who keeps the faith                                             Mother Teresa

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