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Small Business… the day after the night before….

The election results caused quite a “buzz” within my business community. From group meetings to e-mails, telephone calls and individual client meetings, everyone started the day with a “sad face” and a “woe is me” attitude.

A few clients/friends said we have to spend more time in prayer; I countered their e-mails with “prayer is good and is needed, but action should be part of the process.”

The foundation for my business planning process is to first establish personal and business values. Lessons learned from the election results show how the basic values of our country have deteriorated. A departure from the Christian values upon which our country was built to “someone owes me living” and “ I want to feel good so let’s legalize marihuana” is becoming the “new normal”.

Yes, our nation is changing, but I don’t like to hear statements like: “ it happened to Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Great Briton and we are the inevitable, next powerful nation to fall.” As I mentioned yesterday, small business is, in my opinion, the force that can lead our nation back to its roots and to a leadership position in the world.

There are going to be some major issues that will have to be faced, such as, a right answer to immigration, a health care law that will impact both business costs and individual health care, an ever increasing national debt, a society in which a government hand out is considered a right, and many other issues including high taxes and higher overall prices.

I really believe that it is easier to grow a business in this type of an economy.  We have to look at ourselves for solutions as to how to grow our businesses and not look for reasons outside of yourself  as to why you are failing in business. There are so many opportunities available to us now. There is a core of people that realize that real change has to occur through hard work and a high value system.

Step back and look at your business, your products and services. Look at the demographics of your area and re-define your target market. Develop a new business and marketing plan, if needed. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals; form a business support group, work with a good business advisor/coach.

Become active in your place of worship and in your community. Join civic organizations and share your value system. Participate in local elections, again sharing your personal and business value system.

Your future, as well as that of your community, state and nation is in your hand.  Are you willing to accept the responsibility?

“(This) is the great conversation in our life: to recognize and believe that the many unexpected events are not just disturbing interruptions or our projects, but the way in which God molds our hearts and prepares us”                                                                                                      Henri Nouwen

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