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Small business owners try to re-invent the wheel by trial and error. I invite you to walk into a small business owner’s office and look at his bookshelf. In most cases, you will be fortunate to find one book on some phase of growing a business.  Next ask the questions, “What are the last three seminars you attended on some phase of growing a business?”

Too many small business owners have an idea and then they start their business with no knowledge or support. One book may contain a lifetime of experience written by a successful business person. Imagine for a minute if you had read 50 such books how much more knowledge would you have. How much better prepared would you be to grow your business?

I am reminded of a client ( I will share more about this person at a later date) who has started 21 businesses in the last 26 years and has nothing of value to show for his efforts. He is a perfect example of the trite but true saying “doing the same thing every time and expecting different results is a sure sign of a coming failure). Each of his past ideas were things he felt the public wanted without first identifying a target market and their need for his products.

Doesn’t it make sense to pay a little up front and read, attend seminars and use a coach who can share a lifetime of experiences with you? It beats   going through your business life by trial and error, working long hours and praying that something will work.

A basic question I ask my clients is “why do you have your own business?” I ask them to write down their top three reasons and then to write a paragraph about each of those reasons. Their answers reveal a lot about the business owners, not only to me but also to themselves when we spend time analyzing their answers. Just as establishing personal and company values are an integral part of business growth, so are the reasons for being in business. A business should have valid reasons for its existence in order to achieve success.

Books, tapes, videos, seminars, coaches, etc. are the most important tools for business success. It’s not enough to start a business or buy a franchise and get educated in the ‘mechanics of operation” within that business without having an understanding of the complete business cycle.

In my experience the answers to my basic question “why do you have your own business” are almost identical for all small businesses. My value is my expertise in helping small business owners achieve their “ideals” without having to re-invent the entire business cycle.

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