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Small Business Marketing…. the 40% Solution

Whether you are an existing small business or a start-up business, your marketing discipline is going to be the key to your future success. Marketing discipline encompasses not only the time that is dedicated to marketing but also the marketing plan and its implementation.

I have condensed my strategic focus marketing plan into a five page “how to” effectively implement a 40% small business marketing strategy.

My daily small business marketing and management blogs do not allow me enough room to insert a five page mini plan so I will make available to all my blog subscribers a copy of this “white paper” the first week after Thanksgiving.  In order to receive this document you must be a subscriber to my blog.

Subscription to my blog is available at or Please follow all the directions and complete the subscription process. ( I do not share my subscribers e-mail). I am proud to say that these daily, small business support blogs , are read over 10,000 times a month.

In this report you will find a unique small business owners time management system which I have shared with my clients. It helps answer the “I don’t have time” reason that most small business owners use for a lack of marketing.

The mini plan presented in this report is a simple yet time effective plan which incorporates both new technology and my favorite, people to people marketing.

Our economy hasn’t magically solved all its problems as a result of the elections. Your future is still in your hands.

Humility means two things. One, a capacity for self-criticism…. The second feature is allowing others to shine, affirming others, empowering and enabling others.                                Cornel West

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