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Isolate and conquer…..a small business solution….

No small business owner leads a problem free life. What happens to pesky business problems is that they are buried out of site, and an effort is made to bury them out of mind. Perhaps some things are going right and the hope is that those “other “issues will be overshadowed and may totally disappear.

Focusing on the successes a small business owner has may become good building blocks for future growth, but those existing small problems can cause cracks in the foundation.

The planning process normally identifies several goals and then action items are developed to reach those goals.  Forgotten in the process is the “why haven’t you reached these goals before?”

I consider small businesses as “intimate” businesses; everything that affects the business owner, be it in his personal or business life will eventually show up in the bottom line. The relationship between a coach and his client has to be one of trust and total confidentiality that is part of the process.  As a coach, I have to earn that trust, total sharing takes time.

As you start thinking about your New Year’s resolution, think first about the reasons why you have not had a better year, why haven’t you fulfilled your expectations?  Thinking works better when the thoughts are written down, so as you process the obstacles from this past year, look at it from a business and personal perspective and make a list.

Prioritizing is one of my favorite things to ask clients, so I now ask you to prioritize your just completed list making your first number the one that troubles you the most. The rest is pure logic; just like with goals, develop an action plan to eliminate that problem.

Yes, you can! Or better yet, Yes, I can! That should be your mantra from now on. I believe that all problems can be overcome with the support of friends, colleagues and coaches.

Continuity is my key word for this coming year. Keep trying until you succeed.

The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

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