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Small Business Person…. is your Website up to date?

Visited with a new client this afternoon and during this initial visit I toured the small office, went over my preliminary get acquainted questionnaire and was proudly shown the company website. The result of the website showing prompted today’s article. Yes, I discussed the following points with the owner.

Technology is changing and every business owner is challenged to stay up to date in areas that affect the business.  My client was in full agreement yet the company website is almost 6 years old. The following points were my recommendations:

  • A website should be re-evaluated at least every two years. The evaluation should be made upon documented results that include current customer comments, new business brought in by the site and an evaluation of new technologies that can be incorporated into the site.
  • Another misconception is that only “young” people use the internet. It doesn’t matter what age groups your target market fall in, the internet is used by all age groups. As I shared in an earlier blog, I have a 94 year old friend that spends 3 to 4 hours a day on the internet
  • Multimedia is a must for an effective website. That includes having a blog, videos and if possible a podcast.
  • Mobility is today’s word. More and more consumers access the internet via a smartphone and your web site must work on a smartphone without losing any of its features.
  • A little bit of “fun” is good on a website. Being serious is good but a little “life” adds to the overall web site. In my case, my duck logo is my calling card.
  • Last but not least, a website should be simple, easy to navigate and easy to understand.  If you have identified your target market you also have identified their “hot buttons” so make sure that answers to their needs are easily found.

In my opinion, a website can make or break a small business. It’s time to let go of the many excuses small business owners use. (No time, I don’t understand how it works, that’s not my area of expertise, I can’t afford it). Embrace technology before your customers find another firm that already has.

The business of life is to go forward.                                                                        Samuel Johnson

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