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Small Business Saturday…. let’s make it “Small Business Day, Every Day” in 2013

Don’t let the enthusiasm fizzle! Make a sign saying “2013 is Small Business Year. “Under that, put “Support small businesses, they are the future of our country”

I am glad to see so many large companies encouraging buyers to shop small on November 24.   I hope they are not taking advantage of this occasion to promote themselves.

To me, the definition of a small business is what has in the past, been termed a “Mom & Pop” operation; a few local people who work hard to make a difference through their products and services. They are the ones that care enough about their country and themselves to create something instead of asking for something.

Supporting small business is critical to the future of our Nation; this  is a story that the small business community has to embrace and share. As much as the Government talks about the importance of small business one would think that they are encouraging everyone to help.  The truth is no one is helping! Small business loans are difficult to obtain (in almost all cases) and even promised support is not forthcoming, for example, the businesses that were devastated by hurricane Sandy.

Small businesses outnumber the “big” businesses and we need to remember that we also have purchasing power and should make every effort to support local businesses in everything we do. If we don’t practice what we preach then how can we expect others to support us?

Start today. Call on a fellow small business owner each week, and give the owner a sign to put in the window; share your story and the importance of mutual support. This has to be a grass roots movement that will eventually grow and the result will be return of US made products and US provided services.

This will work only if each of us is willing to take action. The future is bright but we have to work together towards a common goal.

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