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Thankful Thanksgiving… a small business reminder…

Sometimes we are so busy with the daily “running a business chores” that we forget to give thanks for the Blessings we all have.

Today at your Thanksgiving table, share with your family the blessings you have received; your family, your home, the meal you are about to enjoy, the opportunity to grow a business.

I have a personal exercise I do every Thanksgiving Day; I carry a pad of paper with me all day. There are two columns on the paper, one heading is family and the other is business. I ask my family to help me fill both columns by the end of the day. (Sometimes a  contest is needed to engage the entire family).  Before the day ends we have a family meeting and review the two columns.  It’s amazing to see how many blessings we really have when we stop and think about them.

For me, the result of this exercise serves as a reminder of what matters most to our family. I keep my list where I can look at it every day. When something negative happens it my business life the positive business blessings serve as a positive support system to handle the problem.

I wish you a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day and may your blessings list be a long one.

We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.                                               Charles Kinsley

Nick J. Petra CFP 


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