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Happiness adds to the bottom line……………

How many times have you walked into a business, looked around, and found that no one was smiling. Salespeople in some department stores greet you with a long face, as if they are doing you a favor by coming to help you with your purchase.

I believe that happiness and a positive attitude result in a better run business, a better bottom line and it’s contagious, thus making your clients happier.

There have been studies that show that happiness increases productivity and  helps one think more clearly and more creatively.

People have told me that they can look at a website and determine if it conveys a “happy message”. But, before we look at how to make our website and social media happy, let’s take a look at what makes us happy.

In asking that question of small business owners, I found a definite pattern in the answers I received. Maybe not all the answers used exactly the same words, but the majority of the answers were “ I am happy when I have a business success”. Success was defined in many ways, for example, making a big sale, getting a new customer, beating my competition to market, etc.   If that is your definition of happiness, then maybe you will never achieve true happiness. You will be always chasing a moving target; and on the occasions that you hit the target, you may think you are happy for a moment in time.

If your happiness exists only after you have experienced some success, chances are you will never be totally happy or totally successful.

Happiness is an internal thing; we can choose to be happy. When we focus our brain on happy thoughts it will establish positive patterns. Like most things worthwhile we may have to practice being happy. One suggestion that I heard was to keep a daily journal and every day list four things for which you are grateful.

My wife and I walk at least two miles every morning starting before 5am. I am proud that I can stick to this routine( over three years now). I am successful in this endeavor and that builds optimism for more success in my work day. Another crutch is my daily half hour focusing on my spiritual life. In our business life we multi-task and sometimes we accomplish less than if we did one thing at a time. My half hour of morning focus helps me to maintain my focus on the most important thing I have to accomplish at a specific time.

Last but not least, learn to smile and say thank you. Don’t withdraw into your corner when things don’t go your way; it only compounds the “sadness”. Go back to your grateful list, put a smile on your face and press forward.

More than 90 percent of the impression we often convey has nothing to do with what we actually say.

John C. Maxwell

Nick J. Petra CFP         Ducks are happy and so are we and our clients.

Make it a Successful Happy Today!



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