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The rush to complete a business and marketing plan for next year is on….

The answer is NO!  I do not have an outline of either a business plan or marketing plan that I can send you to plan for next year.

Planning is no a “one size fits all”. That is why going to a weekend seminar and spending thousands of dollars along with 500 to 1,000 of your closest small business owner friends and be fed a standardized business plan does not work. After a rousing few days, you come home inspired, but without support and accountability that enthusiasm will soon leave and you are back to where you started.

Suggested outlines for small areas that are found in either a marketing or business plan are occasionally included in my blogs, but please notice that I recommend that the development and implementation be done with your business coach.

Unfortunately, many of you are going to develop your own plan for next year. The following are a few thoughts from my new book (hopefully coming out late spring) which you may want to consider:

  • First and foremost, the majority of the business plans that are available either through a seminar, a book, or a “fill in the blanks” source are obsolete.
  • A new high rise structure is not built on the foundation of an old building. (visited the World Trade Center this past October, what a construction project. All the “damage” had to be removed, the site cleared and then a new foundation was begun).
  • Just as the ground was cleared at the World Trade Center, likewise, you have to peel back everything that you have done and take a look at your business and marketing plans. in light of the new economy and rapid tech changing climate,  you discard what  isn’t working and is no longer applicable, keep what is good,( not all foundations are bad, but they may have to be re-enforced) and then start your building (planning) process.

Many small as well as large businesses disappear into oblivion. Large companies such as Polaroid, Kodak and IBM, to name a few, made mistakes in their planning process and it cost them their leadership positions. How many small businesses, such as a favorite restaurant, have silently disappeared?

Take a “peel back strategy” on both yourself and your business as you start your planning process. Think out of the box, take an occasional risk and let your intuition work for you.  Most important, don’t plan  alone, find a trusted advisor and reach for the sky.

America is a nation of incessant change, and I have always believed that such a condition was good for people of energy and imagination.                                                                  James Michener

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