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What caused today’s tragic shooting????????????????

With the events early this morning in Connecticut, I felt it was appropriate to write an extra blog today. I may not have all the answers but I feel that mine are better than those offered by most of the news media.

My number one reason has to do with the disappearance of the Christian foundation upon which our nation was built. We are gradually removing all the signs of Christianity from public display; much of the movement is caused by a few radical people, judges and courts. By being the silent majority our young generation is being raised by liberal teachers, violent video games and movies because we don’t have the courage to stand up for our core beliefs.

Prayer has become “unconstitutional” in our school and public places. What message does that give to our children?

A loss of family values in our society is another major factor that influences today’s young people. Infant abuse is a growing problem as is abortion which murders thousands of children daily. With the divorce rate being higher than the marriage rate and the loss of almost any moral standards in our movies what message is being implanted in our minds?

Small businesses used to be called family businesses not only because of the ownership, but also because of the caring (family) attitude for each other, among ownership and staff. Today, in most cases, I don’t find that “family” feeling in many small businesses with whom I interact. As a small business grows, if should not only be the owners (founders) who benefit, but all the staff should be excited, proud and should share in the benefits of the success.

As I mentioned early this year, the personal values of the owner and the values of the business should be attributes sought in hiring staff.

We are impacted today by the death of 26 innocent people but we should be equally impacted by the deaths of thousands of innocent people that are murdered every day in other parts of our world. It’s interesting that we would rather watch mindless “reality shows” instead of figure out how to bring our Christian values back in focus.

God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible – what a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves.                         A.W. Tozer

Nick J. Petra CFP                                       Say a Prayer Today then stand up for your values!


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