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What is your purpose?????????????

Like many business owners I ask myself that question towards the end of the calendar year. It serves two purposes, one to find out how my thinking has changed and the second, to use it to update my personal business and marketing plan for the coming year.

These are sample of the questions I address:

  • Where do I see my personal life next year?
  • What personal goals do I want to achieve?
  • In what community activities do I want to get involved?
  • How can I increase my spiritual awareness?
  • What special thing can I do for my family?
  • What are my profit goals for next year?
  • Do I need to add (or delete) any services?
  • How many books do I want to publish?
  • How many new small business coaching assignments do I want undertake?
  • How can I best increase my person to person marketing?
  • Where do I want to vacation next year?
  • Am I using my support group to the max?
  • How often do I want to update my marketing plan?
  • How often do I want to update my overall business plan?
  • Do my office systems need updating?
  • How much to I want to save towards my retirement?

These are a few of my questions. I have designed similar list for my clients, and I encourage them to answer all the questions before our first meeting in January. The answers are used to update marketing strategies, office systems and the Strategic Focus Plan.

The questions I present to my clients are in the following categories: personal, spiritual, business marketing, giving back, financial, systems and commitment. I have approximately ten questions in each area and we discuss them in detail at our first meeting of the year. The answers are kept and by comparing them to last year’s we can analyze growth and accountability.

With just two week until the end of the year, I encourage all of you to work with your coach in answering your specific set of questions and incorporating them into next year’s goals.

Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep up your speed or you’ll fall down.

Nick J. Petra CFP    Are you just absorbing information or are you converting it into action?

The best investment a small business owner can make is to grow with a coach.      e-mail nick @


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