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Whatever it takes……………

This time of the year is full of joy for some but for others, it’s a reminder of what is not there. Stories of hardships, business losses, hunger, poverty, wars, worldwide economic issues, mass murders,…. Need I go on? Just listen to the news: the infighting between our elected leaders, none of which want to give an inch in order to work for the betterment of our nation, is taking our nation closer to the brink of bankruptcy. Homes are still being foreclosed and the job market is not all that good.

In the mist of all this turmoil sits the small business owner, along with hundreds or perhaps thousands of people who are wondering what direction they can take to survive.

I am a great believer that our mind dictates our success or failure. That requires us to turn our worry into confidence, turn procrastination into action and negative thoughts into positives. All this sounds great, but how to accomplish these lofty ideals requires change and commitment.

In my 25 plus years of helping small businesses  I find found that developing a plan, both for your business and yourself is a good beginning. The plan has to be “yours” you have to take part in its development, and it has to be geared towards your specific values, talents and goals. In other words, you have to take complete ownership of the fully developed plan.

My own research has shown that a plan, even a good plan, may not bring the desired results. In almost all cases, it’s not the fault of the plan. The fault lies with the person who finds countless excuses not to implement the plan.

It’s something like our knowing that exercise is needed for a healthy life and thus for a few days or weeks we start the exercise regiment  and then excuse ourselves from continuing. Perhaps a book on how to succeed looked promising, the book is bought and a chapter or two is read and then it’s                                     forgotten.  So many times we undertake a new direction, make a promise or commit to something and then fall flat on our faces.

We were never meant to be alone on the road to success. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the most important thing you can do for yourself, to achieve your goals, is to get “support” to help you stay on track. Make accountability your word for 2013; accountability to yourself, your family and your business.

To make the definition of “character” come to life, “the ability to carry on after the mood has left you” requires the acknowledgement that we may not be able to reach our objectives alone; that we have to walk with someone who cares and  is willing to be strong when the need is there, someone who will help keep you on the positive path to a better future. That’s what it takes………..

Success = a focused mind + a determined heart + a focused, determined team.   Mark Hansen

Nick J. Petra CFP   The ball is in your court, will you make the call?

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