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Almost all “New Years” resolutions have value to them; that is, if they are implemented.

My goal today is to help you make put work clothes on your resolutions so they can become a reality.

  • First and foremost, make sure that they are realistic. It has to be achievable, given the needed amount of effort.
  •  If you have several, pick the one that will yield the greatest results when it is achieved.
  • Write down your resolution on 11 individual 3 x 5 cards
  •  Make a list of the seven most important people in your life. It could include family members, business associates, members of your business support group, your coach, your spiritual director, etc.
  • Give each one of them a card   and explain your goal. Ask them to help you reach it by asking how you are progressing every time they see you. If they are in a position to help, ask for their commitment and support for this coming year.
  • Take3 of  the remaining  cards and place them as follows:
    • On your bed stand so you see it first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed.
    • On the dashboard of your car.
    • Make a stand for the last one and put it on your desk.

Completing this exercise may be one of the most difficult things that has to be accomplished on the journey to reaching your goal. Notice there is no cost involved, just a little time and effort to distribute and explain your goal.

The final step requires a little “journaling”. Buy a notebook for your journaling and tape the last card on the front of the journal.

  • Start every morning by asking yourself “what is the single most important thing I can accomplish today to reach my goal”?
  • End every day by writing the progress you made on your selected daily activity.

Discipline and follow-through are the two requirements in making this coming year the most successful ever. Yes, it does help to have a coach to walk this journey with you; but in the absence of one, you can make it happen.

2013 will either be a success or failure, the choice is yours.

Find your style, your rhythm in life, your creative talents. As you accept and then develop your special individuality, you’ll be energized, positive and enthusiastic. Finding you will send you soaring with vibrant joy.

Nick J. Petra CFP    Let’s work together this year to make your resolution a reality.

Make it s Successful year! 




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