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Putting all your eggs in one marketing basked is not the answer………

Not all prospects for the same products or services will respond to the same marketing effort. The target market for my coaching and consulting business is small to medium size companies. One of the questions that I ask early in the process is “What are your sales and marketing efforts?”. The typical business will list one method that has been the most successful and gets most of the marketing resources and perhaps another one or two, not as effective are listed.

In today’s rapidly changing business world brought on by economics, technology and expectations of prospects, it is important to adopt a Multi-Marketing Approach. It does not matter if your market directly to consumers or to other businesses; the goal is to get an opportunity to talk about the benefits you offer. I seldom find a business that closed its doors because it had too much business.

Getting results from marketing efforts should be the focus of every business owner or marketing “team”. Many marketing opportunities do not require additional resources; in most cases, time is the commodity you invest. Yes, I also hear “The I don’t have the time” excuse for not developing and implementing an effective marketing program. (This blog is not on time management,   but if that is an issue, let’s get together and complete a time analysis. You will be surprised how much time you have or how we can restructure your operation to allow the necessary marketing time.)

The following is a partial list of marketing suggestions; many of them have been detailed in past blogs. Take from my list or add your own thoughts, but come up with a minimum of 25 marketing options. The goal is to implement at least a dozen of them in the next 30 days. Yes, it’s not only possible but necessary for growth.

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Coffee & lunch
  • Keep in touch
  • Listen to your “Board”
  • Use video
  • Facebook
  • Social media
  • E-newsletters
  • Networking
  • Community involvement
  • Target market
  • Referral business.

This is the start; I have a list of over 100 marketing concepts. Build your list of 25 and then let’s develop a mini business plan with a built in accountability factor. It does not make any difference what service or product you offer; these basic ideas will work if you do.

Good ideas don’t work unless you put “work clothes” on them.              Nick Petra

 Nick J. Petra CFP    take action today and call for a free consultation.. you will never know how great you can be unless you are willing to explore all options.

Make 2013 your best year ever.



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