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Knowing the most about your product or service is not enough….

Clients will not beat a path to your door because you are smart and know your business.  Product knowledge is the first step in growing a successful business, but an even more important step is getting noticed by your target market. Having a good message is meaningless unless your delivery method causes your target market to pay attention.

What makes you stand out? Do you wear unique clothes? Do you have a unique, memorable logo? Is your business card so different that people will keep it and show it to others? What is there about your product or service that makes people say “WOW, tell me more”? Do you have a “give-away” that people will remember?  If you work a trade show, does your “booth” draw the biggest crowd?

Take a few minutes and write down the most outstanding, attention-getting characteristic about yourself and or your business. If you can’t think of one, then you have a lot of work to do. In any industry where there is competition, drawing positive attention to yourself is necessary for sustained growth.

One example where something special is needed is the so called “networking session”. I attended one in which I met with 50 people in 60 minutes.  Each person had 30 seconds to talk about their product/service, exchange cards and move on to the next person. The only winner in this game was the person that set up the session and charged money to attend. It could be turned into a winner  if the participants had  something that generated so much attention that everyone there will remember them and  want to make contact.

Take a cue from a movie preview; usually, in less than 60 seconds they have to get you interested enough to see that movie. These previews are carefully designed to impact their target market using either words, or parts of the movie itself. You have the same 60 seconds to impact your prospect so that they want to “hear the rest of your story”.

Within each of the marketing areas I spoke about yesterday, as well as in all the marketing efforts you put forth, the first rule should be:  will this effort draw maximum positive attention?

This is about maximizing your current marketing efforts. Getting attention from your target market requires thought and effort; it’s not a short term project, rather an ongoing one. Work with your coach on the development and implementation of your attention getters.

The greatest gap in life is the one between knowing and doing.                               Dick Biggs

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