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A shot of adrenaline…………..

The best possible place for a mentor/coach to spend an evening, at least for this mentor, is listening to 17 entrepreneurs talk about their new businesses. These new businesses were in various stages of growth, from three months to 2 years of age. The CEO’s and development team for 10 of them are professors at ASU, students working on their doctorates and a few undergraduate students. Their work is awe inspiring and these companies will impact every phase of our lives.

The other seven were new business from throughout the State without an affiliation to either Arizona State University or the University of Arizona. Again, the diversity of services, research and products being developed left me believing that the United States still has the ability to invent and lead the rest of the world.

All 17 companies had needs, mentors were needed to find markets for their products and services; to develop business plans, to develop and implement marketing strategies and in many cases, to find funds to take their products/services to market.

The research I learned about this evening covered everything from new methods for the early detection of Alzheimer’s to another firm making diagnostic tools for cardiovascular disease more efficient. In some cases clinical tests were already under way.

Other firms were developing new and more efficient ways of harnessing solar energy and the commercialization of an improved concrete mixture.

I don’t have the room to talk about each new research or product or service that is being developed, but I want to share that all these new business owners recognized the importance of having mentors/coaches walk with them as they grow their businesses. They had the GUTS (God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret) and the “smarts” to know that they have the expertise to bring forth new ideas but without support they couldn’t grow.

I selected two of the 17 to meet with and to discuss their plans in more detail; these two businesses will complement two existing clients with whom I am working.

Maybe not all 17 will become multi-billion dollar firms, but each one has the potential to make an impact of all our lives, some for fun, others for health and others to help improve our quality of life.

The moral of this story is “it’s great to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself”

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