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In a small business environment ideas flow easily but……………..

It’s amazing the difference between the visions that a new business owner has vs one that has been struggling for several years.  When working with a new business the ideas come so fast that I can hardly write fast enough to keep up with the ideas, dreams and aspirations that the business owner has at the start of the venture. Several years into the life of a business, the ideas seem to stop flowing. What happened?

My observations show that the” idea factory” that was alive in the mind of the owner when the business first started has given way to negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts are due to:

  • Fear in taking a risk
  • Not trusting their own judgment
  • Not having a plan to follow
  • Having experienced a few business “glitches”
  • Getting negative feedback from others

These negative thoughts will also seal the mind and creativity comes to a stop. When this happens, a growing business can easily slide into a holding pattern, growth comes to a stop and then the decline (failure) of the business begins.

One of the methods I use to stop the decline is “choosing bite size goals”.  It’s almost impossible to affect a turnaround in a day. The downward spiral took time to develop; and, likewise, getting back on the upswing will also take time.

Do the following to help get back on the idea tract: select the most important item that you wish to accomplish and which will make the most significant, positive impact on your business.  Develop an action business plan made up of daily steps (goals), all leading to the final realization of an achieved goal. Follow this procedure for the next 60 days. When one project is finished, start another one. The final key to this system is the accountability factor; that includes daily e-mail communications and a weekly, face-to-face meeting with your mentor.

Many business owners experience this “glitch” in their business growth. It is one of most critical, yet often ignored and mistreated symptoms in business health. Never be afraid to reach out for help. Your business life may depend on it.

Making each day count is a tactic. Making each year count is a strategy. You need both to succeed.

Harvey Mackay

Nick J. Petra CFP    your key to success may be only an e-mail away….

Make this your best year ever, become accountable for all your actions as well as your non-actions.


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