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The power room in small business……….

Let me set the stage… you are in control on your own turf! This topic is one of those where I don’t want to hear it can’t be done, I want to hear how you are going to do it.

Every business, from the one person firm to large firms should have a power room. I define a power room as one where you invite a potential client to come and hear your story. There are several parts to effectively use a power room; first, you have to have such a room; and, second, you have to figure out how to lure a client to your “turf”.

“The essence of power is the ability to keep the initiative, to get others to react to your moves. When you make other people come to you, you suddenly become the one controlling the situation.”

There are several basic criteria that a power room must possess:

  • It has to be attractive and it must also make a statement about you and your business.
  • There should be no “clutter” or distractions of any kind. When a prospect visits you in your power room, you should be the center of his attention. Likewise, he should be the center of your attention. I like a round table and no phones or similar distractions of any kind in the room.
  • Notice, I did not use the word “expensive”.  Be natural; the only important part is adhering to the two points mentioned above.
  • The ideal place to create your power room is in your office. If you don’t have an office and work out of your home, consider the possibility of using a room in your home. In either location, don’t try to be something you are not.  Prospects that become clients based on who you are will become long term clients. If these two location options are not a possibility consider using an executive suite or another “out of the box” place for this purpose. Restaurants and coffee shops are last on my list.
  • Many of these same rules apply to your online power room. You want your prospects to come to you. Inbound marketing will be the subject of a future blog. Deep inside I still believe that the most powerful, result oriented marketing is one-on-one, thus the purpose of the power room.

Now that you have created a power room, the next challenge is getting a prospect into your “room”.

  • Fabulous gains or benefits are the best lure to obtain a prospects’ visit to your power room. When you selected your target market, you chose it because of the benefits you could provide. How many times have you been unable to tell your complete story or have been interrupted when calling on a client due to a  phone call he had to answer or ?????(fill in the blank).
    • If you believe in your product/service, with a little thought you can come up with the fabulous gains or benefits that will attract your prospect’s attention. We usually work on developing these irresistible, fabulous gains over several days in a “think tank “session.

Everything worthwhile doing requires extra effort that includes knowing your prospects and having a scripted presentation that can be woven into a developing conversation.

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