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Don’t tell me what you know………..

Tell me what you have done!  Results speak louder that all the “knowledge” that a small business owner claims he has. Prospects are interested in accomplishments, accomplishments that were achieved” not years ago”, but “days ago”.

Recent accomplishments should be at the center of a comprehensive marketing program. Because they have to be recent, the marketing plan should be under constant review. Marketing in essence tells a           story, but the story has to be up to date.

A recent brochure on a new company featured the founder and all his accomplishments in his previous profession; the previous profession was not related in any way to this new venture. The brochure went on to tell about his educational accomplishments and civic involvement. It ended by saying that all this knowledge was being brought to this new, yet different business.

Take a look at your own marketing efforts; start with your web page. Does the message convey your recent accomplishments? Do you have recent testimonials with dates and names? Are your products and services up to date or ahead of similar offerings on the market? Are you making use of the latest technologies pertinent to the delivery of your products/services?

There is a difference between what you have accomplished in the past and what you have done recently. In previous articles I wrote about having “your story” ready to share. Just like the rest of your marketing material, make sure it is up to date.

Prospects like to work with winners, winners are the ones that finish the race. You also win when you have satisfied customers who want to talk about the recent benefits they have received by using your services.

If you are constantly looking back, chances are pretty good you’ll fall into a hole ahead.

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