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Interesting questions, how does one build a brand name and how fast can it be done?  A successful branding program creates, in the mind of a prospect, the perception that there is no other product (service) on the market that can accomplish the same thing.

We can define marketing as the process of building a brand in the minds of your target market. This should be the base point, the foundation, upon which a marketing program is built.

Marketing a product is accomplished by several different methods; for most, advertising is the answer. Unfortunately, advertising is not the most effective way of building a brand name. For a small business to pass out flyers to their target market may seem like a way of generating business, but it does little to build a brand name in a hurry. The same holds true with cold calls, advertising in targeted magazines or providing good service over an extended period of time.

So what is the answer?  PUBLICITY!

The best way to launch new brands is with publicity or public relations (PR). Publicity allows you to tell your story through a third party, the media, and that lends instant credibility to the product or service. Advertising helps preserve the image (brand) created through public relations. I heard it said that “publicity provides the credentials that create credibility for advertising”.

A successful PR campaign requires a lot of preparation.

  • There has to be a new brand name.
  • There has to be a new category name. (media wants to talk about what is new, not what is better.)
  • There has to be a new story.
  • There has to be a build-up of anticipation for the new brand (structured media leaks)
  • There has to be outlets identified for PR dissemination
  • There has to credibility for the person telling the new story.

The scope of the new product/service will dictate the scope of the PR needed to successfully launch the new brand.

Instant communications has changed the brand building process. Social media has revolutionized communications and print media has lost a lot of its impact in brand building. Television and radio still offer a powerful presence and have to be considered primary outlets for disseminating information.

When a new product/service is in the planning/development stage, most of the focus is on getting it ready for the market. This process may take months or even years; once it’s completed, the rush is on to get it to the market and proper PR planning is ignored. The PR planning process should be worked on at the same time as the product/service is being developed.  A classic example is the unveiling today of the new “touch screen” blackberry; it’s release has been talked about for months, even though no one knew what the product would look like or what features if offered.

The band building process does not apply only to a new company or new products/services. An existing company can also implement a brand building process; the same points listed above will apply.

There is no time like the present to start building your brand…..

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