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The 3 “D’s” small business need to succeed.

All the good ideas, all the business and marketing plans and  all the “talk” about the future of the business will not grow a successful business without the 3 “D’s” playing a major role. I first saw these three words presented at a small business conference I attended several years ago.

The first word is DETERMINATION. If you don’t believe in the possibilities that your business offers and if you don’t have the determination to make it happen at any cost (time & effort), then it will never reach your expectations. Determination means that failure no longer exists in your mind and all your effort is directed towards reaching your planned objectives.

The second word is DILIGENCE. That means that you give your business the steady and energetic care it requires. A business is much like a child and it requires the same “loving” attention that a child requires while it is growing. Just as with a child, that love never stops so your energetic care for your business must be ongoing as the business grows and matures.

The last word in this series is DISCIPLINE. For those of you that who are my clients or have followed this blog for any length of time, you know how I stress the need for discipline. (Remember my often quoted definition: Character… the ability to carry on after the mood has left you.)   We can substitute the word discipline for character and have an excellent definition.

I truly believe that if you have these 3 “D’s” under control, and have the proper foundation (strategic business and marketing plans) your business will be successful. The implementation of these 3 D’s is a lot of hard work but if it was easy, we wouldn’t have an 85% small business failure.

Sometimes short messages carry a lot of importance, this is one of them!

Do first things first —- and second things not at all. The alternative is to get nothing done.

Peter F. Drucker

Nick J. Petra CFP    (as you read my blogs you will notice how much importance I put on the word prioritization)

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