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These past few weeks I have come across several new clients who have ordered work to be completed at a future date and have been disappointed in the lack of results.

Whether it is a web page to be designed, a feasibility study to be completed, a new program to run your business or any other service to be delivered at a future date, there are several parameters that need to be followed:

  • Have a written understanding as to what the finished product would look like
  • Establish a cost basis.
    • It may be  a certain price for the complete and satisfactory product
    • It may be an hourly charge (make sure you have a not to exceed clause for a completed project)
    • Establish a payment schedule based on achieving certain steps in the project development process.
    • Agree to a completion date and interval reporting periods to assess progress. Identify the expected progress for each interval.
    • Most importantly, make sure that the person under consideration is capable of performing the work, both from a technical as well as a time standpoint.

Working with an outside business development contract still requires a measurement system. There is no assurance that sales can be achieved, but a written report on contacts made and the results of those contacts should be made available on a predetermined basis.  Determine in your own mind how long this person has to produce results, and share that with the provider.

Another important aspect of the hiring process is the interview. Before you bring anyone in for an interview, write down your expectations, and identify the time frame that is needed for results. Part of the Business Plan development that we do is to determine the values that the business owner holds near and dear. Make sure that the person you are considering hiring has the same value system. Last but not least, there has to be a “feeling of comfort” during the interview process.

Be in control of the interview!  Don’t bypass important hiring steps because of a desire to expedite a result. It’s your business that is on the line, make wise decisions.  Ask your coach or mentor to help stage the interview process or to sit in on the interview.

One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

Arnold H. Glasgow

Nick J. Petra CFP    The 2nd quarter of 2013 will make business success easier.



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