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All the good ideas…………….

Buried deep within most of us is an idea we are sure is worth a million dollars. Most of the time that idea disappears. It may reappear again when someone else implements that same idea at some future point and you say “that was my idea years ago”.

One of my favorite exercises when working with a business client is to ask, “What could be done to double your business?” In a two hour session where that is the only question on the table, I have heard some of the most amazing yet very sound growth concepts.

The next challenge I present is, “How could you make that happen “? I don’t expect an immediate answer, but I do expect a two to three hour time frame dedicated to the formation of a business/action plan. No, I don’t stay in a room with them for that time, but I come back in several hours and review their work.

By asking those two questions and expecting an answer in a four to five hour dedicated time period, several factors come into play. First, there is the spontaneity of the answers; there is no advanced warning as to what the session is about.  Second is the enthusiasm that occurs in the plan development process. Without any restrictions on either question (my instructions are to answer the questions as if time and money were not an issue) the results become a basis for developing a strategic business and marketing plan.

There should not be such a word as “can’t” in a small business owner’s vocabulary.

When an idea does not leave a business person’s mind or if it is abandoned shortly after it is started, the problem, most of the time, is the fault of the owner.  The main reasons for failure are:

  • No self-confidence ( I can’t really make this happen)
  • Procrastination ( I’ll start work on this in the near future)
  • Fear (what if it won’t work?)
  • Lack of support (am I supposed to make this happen all alone?)

I will add another that is not often referred to as a reason for failure:

  • Unwillingness to put in the required time & effort. “ I am a business owner, I shouldn’t have to work so hard”.

If you harness your idea and become the “plow horse”,  the labor of your work will make your idea become a reality.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Thomas Edison

Nick J. Petra CFP   We put work clothes on your dreams so they can become a reality.                 The 2nd quarter of 2013 will see the most exciting innovation in small business support.

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