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Don’t miss your opportunity

One of the saddest  conversations that one could ever have  is one that starts with “ I missed my chance.” I would like to share a true story:

This person had a life-long dream of starting his own business. During my years at college I would visit with him at least once or twice a month and during each visit he shared his dream. Over 40 years he accumulated his product (American coins), studied their history, catalogued them had values placed on each of them.  His collection may have been one of the best ever assembled in Arizona. He had saved money to rent a store front many years ago, and I kept asking “When are you going to open?” His answer always was “Soon”.  He worked on the assembly line at a local company, a job he told me was almost unbearable.  I don’t believe he was a happy man, but his dream of owning his own business was always at the forefront of all our conversations. My uncle died of a heart attack on the assembly line floor.

That was one of the most  impressionable things that ever happened to me. It wasn’t just the death of my uncle, but also the lesson learned: Don’t miss your opportunity. Life as we know it is very fragile; it could end in an instant with an illness or an accident.

For the past 25 years I have welcomed and supported those who have ideas and need encouragement to reach out and fulfill their dreams. Nothing is impossible if the desire and willingness to work is there. Systems, plans and support are available but they have to be accepted.

Missed opportunities also take place every day in existing businesses; they occur when an idea is not implemented that has the possibility of radically changing the future of the business in a positive direction but the fear of risk and status quo prevail.

Don’t let your idea that has a potential to revolutionize your industry die in your heart and mind. Take the next step and make it happen.

Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success.          Dr. Rob Gilbert

Nick J. Petra CFP  one of the most rewarding things that I do is helping a new business get started.



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