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Is yours a “findable” business????????????????????

There are two most common ways that prospects will search for your products or services. If they know of your business, they will search by company name. If they are looking for a particular product or service they, may search by the product or service type. The question is, are you a “findable” business in either of those two searches?

Without a land line you will not be listed in a phone book. The alternative search is conducted by a search for your company name on the internet. Have you conducted such a search recently? If your business name comes up, do you have a compelling web site?

Let’s look at the other search option, a prospect that is searching by product or profession. For the purpose of this exercise, let’s use the internet as the search engine. Complete such a search now. Where does your company name appear, or does it?

Becoming “findable”, in my opinion is a marketing process in which the goal is to have your target market recognize your company name and the service or product it provides. Part of this process   includes building trust in the eyes of your prospects.

Let me eliminate on way of getting your name out that, in most cases, will cause more trouble than benefits. I am referring to span e-mail (that is sending unsolicited e-mails).

The marketing solution starts with target identification and then finding a way to reach them on a non-intrusive yet continuous basis so that they want to find out more about your product or service.

If you identified your target market then you know where they are hiding. You can determine their work patterns, where they go, what they need, clubs or civic organizations they belong to, etc. the marketing challenge once all this information is gathered is to determine how to best become visible and credible to them.

In my practice, together with my clients, we identify several marketing attacks which include:

  • Visual marketing
  • Professional visibility
  • Community visibility
  • Targeted advertising
  • Public relations

Each of these categories is further broken down into their individual components and then prioritized. Budgeting is a critical function and maximizing the available marketing dollars is an important consideration.

How up to date is your firm in this type of marketing plan?

Successful people do what others won’t!

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Nick J. Petra CFP


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