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Positioning….a must for a new business start-up………………

The basis for this blog is a definition of positioning: positioning is creating in the mind of your target market how you want to be perceived.

Before launching a new business, before you tell anyone about it, write down how you want your target market to perceive you. (You never have a second chance to make a first impression) Remember, the minds of your target market are already being bombarded with thousands of messages every day. It’s no longer just print media; add television, radio, internet, and social media to the mix. This constant stream of messages is virtually impossible to escape. It’s carried on your computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. It’s with you almost every minute of your waking hours.

With all this going on, how is a small business start-up going to make an impact? Selecting the method to reach your target has to be the one that has the best chance of getting through. The message has to impel itself in the mind of our target market and that is done by concentrating on the perception you want to create.

A mind is open to learning about new and different things. A mind is also looking for the best possible provider of needed services or products. Positioning is a combination of saying the right thing to the right market at the right time. It’s about understanding the business’ strengths and weaknesses and also those of your competition.

“History shows that the first brand into the brain, on the average, gets twice the long-term market share of the No.2 brand and twice again as much as the No. 3 brand”. For this reason, I have always stressed “differentiation” as the key to business growth.

Bringing forth a new business that wants to position itself as number one is a task for a self-starter who is willing to pay the price. The price is paid in self-discipline, market knowledge, a detailed marketing plan built around creating the desired perception in the mind of the target market,  a solid business plan and the funds and time necessary to implement everything.

I cannot stress enough that it is not a product or service you are introducing but a “new perception” to brand yourself as the best in the minds of your target market. Spend enough time designing the marketing plan in order to maximize your time and available funds.

It’s not luck that grows a business, it’s successful communications.

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