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Do you really need to know how to work all those “buttons” on your phone??????

I have been trying to convince my wife to buy the latest smart phone. Her argument is “I just want to make and receive calls and take a few pictures; anything else serves no useful purpose for me.” Her statement hit me between the eyes as I was visiting with a client late this afternoon.

In this meeting we identified the target market and defined their most important needs. When we finished, we analyzed the service which my client was providing and checked to see if their most important needs were met.

At this point my client started beaming; he told me that their services not only met the target market needs but provided many other additional benefits. Next, a company brochure that was handed to me offered a large number of additional services.  It was so overwhelming that I could not find the basic needs that we identified earlier.

In short, everything but the clients’ basic needs were presented in all their marketing materials.

Small business owners sometimes try to “over offer” services in order to show how good they are or to try to impress a client. Listen to what your target market needs and fill those needs in all your marketing efforts. Don’t try to sell more than is needed or confuse the marketing process by cluttering the marketing material with “unwanted” stuff.

New opportunities will come if you first meet the current needs of your target market. This is a great way to build trust, it shows that you both listen and understand their needs and are able to help them.

Growing trust requires listening, learning and filling the needs of others.

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