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The stretch factor for small business………….

Do you get stuck in a rut? When you set out to do something, are you doing it the same old way? Let’s assume that you have a new service or product to introduce. What are your options?

  • You can run an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine
  • You can send an e-mail to all of your friends and previous clients (assuming you have created such a list)
  • You can start a cold calling campaign to tell people about your new product/service.
  • You can send a news release to the local newspaper and hope that they print something about your new product/service
  • You can use social media
  • You can pray that someone finds your web site
  • You go to the book store and buy one of several dozen books that tell you how to use one of the above mentioned methods for instant success. Guess what; The only success in this scenario is that of the person who wrote the book.
  • Etc. etc,etc……………………………………….

We have all made such a list if we are owners of a small business. Getting the word out about products or services is by the far greatest challenge facing small business.

Most of the lists that I have seen created are almost identical; everyone tries the same thing and each person expects instantaneous, dynamic results.

A simple suggestion which will introduce you to the stretch factor is to first write your “differentiation story”. What makes you different than anyone else? Next, make a list (at least ten, more if you can) of the most influential people in your community, state or nation (depending on your target market) and make an appointment to see them. Tell them your story and ask for their endorsement. If your story emphasizes the differentiation and the benefits, chances are (if you see enough people) someone will be there to help.

First making the list is a start, the stretch starts when you call for an appointment. Then the real stretch is sitting in front of these people and delivering you compelling story. Miracles happen because you dare….

Getting your ducks in a row is not enough; you have to throw them into the water to swim…Nick Petra

Nick J. Petra CFP                    

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