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Who will teach discipline????????????????????

My own definition of this word is “doing what you know you have to do “.  I attribute failure (lack of success) to a lack of discipline. We hope that children learn discipline from their parents, but in today’s family lifestyle. I often see the children sitting in front of a computer, or game box or television instead of performing a task to learn or to help someone else.

I can’t say that our teachers are teaching discipline; with a fear of  law suits by misinformed parents or the school board (government) saying that kids should be passed on to the next grade level even if they can’t read or write, discipline is thrown out the window. Of course, teachers themselves, in many cases don’t want to be tested on their knowledge of the subject they are teaching. What happened to continuing education for teachers???

That brings me to the world of small business owners and commissioned sales people, (who are really running their own businesses.) With a background as I just described, who will teach the new and existing business owners the meaning of discipline?

I did a little research looking for credible statistics on business failures. As a result of my research, I came to the conclusion that nobody really knows. The following are a few of the “statistics on failure rates:”: 4 out of 5; 95% in the first year,  85% in the first five years….etc.…. Many small businesses never see the light of day as an entity (partnership, corporation, etc) or bother to get a business license. If they fail, they may not show up as statistics in any public records.

Discipline cannot occur without a desire to achieve a goal and to do whatever is necessary. There are two classifications of business failures, those that know what has to be done but refuse to do it, and those that don’t have a clue about running a business but don’t want any help.

This is a root problem in the US economy. With almost 50% of our population living on welfare, who needs discipline? When one can have a better life for free, why bother to work or to start a business.

I don’t believe that the current mentality of a nation can be changed all at once. it’s going to take each one of us reaching out and encouraging a small business owner to learn the value of discipline and that success is almost always within someone’s grasp if they are willing to reach for it.

You will never be a leader unless you first learn to follow and be led.         Tiorio

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