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Too many choices……………………

As consumers we are confronted with many choices in every aspect of our lives. Walk into a grocery store and look at the number of cereal boxes; there are many choices in flat screen TV’s , cell phones and almost everything else that we either want or need. Eventually we reach a purchase decision based either on emotion or a good “sales job” by the marketing department of the product we bought.

As small business owners, we are faced with the same overwhelming choices in almost all our business decisions. A few of the necessary selections that have to be made are as follows:

  • Which social medium should I concentrate on?
  • Who can build the most effective website for my company?
  • Who can best design my logo?
  • What computer should I buy?
  • What cell phone and cell phone provider should I chose?
  • I’m sure we can grow this list to many more issues addressing our selections.

I have noticed a trend among many small business owners; “paralysis caused by overwhelming choices.” The consequence is a lack of decisive action which is adversely affecting business growth due to  fear of making a wrong decision, especially in small businesses where funds are at a premium.

I am going to introduce a statement that usually causes a look of disbelief among my clients:

Anything worthwhile doing is worthwhile doing wrong!

My intent is not to encourage bad choices, but to stop the “inactivity”. For example, if you need to spend dollars in the marketing area of your business but don’t know where you can get the “biggest bang for your buck”, examine your choices, prioritize them and go with your first choice, right or wrong. Do it now, not next week or next month.

In most cases the decision was the right one. When it wasn’t, a lesson was learned. Operating a small business also involves “risk”; as an owner you evaluate your choices and then let your “GUTS” (God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret) take over.

Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.

Robert Jarvik

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