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When your presentation has to count…………..

We make a “presentation” every time we talk to someone about our business. Some presentations are more important than others and the results may mean the difference between survival and failure.  You may have only one opportunity to “make your point”. How you prepare for your meeting and the format used in the actual presentation must be dynamic, of interest to the prospect and comfortable for you to present.

I use the following system in preparation for meeting with a client. I don’t believe in the old theory that “one size fits all”. All prospects are important and deserve a presentation that focuses on the benefits that each needs.

The first step is to define your business. Each business has a purpose and that purpose is the core of its offering. The core represents the strength of the business and that is what the benefits to the prospects are built around. By defining your business you also have an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others who offer the same service/product. It also allows you to introduce  a new type of business.

Based upon the type of business my prospect has, I evaluate my core business and structure our meeting so that the benefits are highlighted throughout the presentation.

Each presentation should be crafted to fit the prospect and presented in an order that is continuously building the benefits. If the initial research of the prospect is correct, then a definite format can be established and should be presented as prepared.

An agenda is a useful tool. In my opinion an agenda shows the prospect that you did your homework, are well prepared, and are ready to tell your “benefit story”. Visual marketing is very strong and one of several tools that will help make the presentation even more impressive. A table top flip chart, a power point presentation on a computer or an I-Pad, or projected on a small screen are examples of tools that can be used to present the agenda. The most important aspect of using an agenda is to keep the presenter on track.

Most people want to improve their situation in their business. When they find someone who can communicate something of value, they will usually listen.

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