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Always share your story…………

In business everyone is encouraged to share their story, a combination personal and business story. The story is about who and what you and your business are all about. It’s the center piece of your marketing plan; everything flows from the foundation established in your story.

Let’s start by looking at the components that make up your story:

  • Vision statement: every business that has created a business plan has verbalized a vision statement. A vision statement is a clear declaration about where the owner (management) wants to take the company.
  • Believe: the story has to be believed by its creator. It has to be achievable and represent the values of the owner (management).
  • Understood: the language which composes the story has to be easily understood. It has to be written (told) in simple terms which makes sense to those who hear it.
  • Benefits: every business offers benefits; a good story contains the main benefits that the business offers, benefits can offer help, create change, improve bottom line, etc.
  • Tag line (slogan):  a tag line can be a short version of the vision statement. Most often it is a short statement that is repeated in all marketing material. An example: Budweiser- The King of Beers. (Developing a strong slogan may not happen in a “single sitting”).
  • Logo:  a symbol that is developed and used in all marketing material to etch the company’s brand image into the consumer’s mind.

The challenge is to take all these components and weave them into a single paragraph. It then becomes the foundation of all your conversations when someone asks the questions, “What do you do” or “Tell me about your business”. It is also a powerful presentation when sharing your story with a prospective client/customer.

How many times have each of us left a meeting saying “I wish I had remembered to say….” Armed with your story you can “conquer the world” as long as you remember it. The first step is to memorize your story and practice it until you can deliver a perfect message. I recommend an additional tool, perhaps a written version which can be left with the person to whom it is being presented. A consideration may be a bookmark which contains all the elements of your story; a two sided  attractive handout which serves two purposes: a bookmark  and a reminder to the recipient of who you are.

In the end, people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand.   John Maxwell

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