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A new employee……..a business opportunity

Adding a new employee to a small business is a significant happening; it is also an opportunity to re-charge the company.  The dynamics of the business has changed, whether it’s the first employee or the 10th, the business has taken a “giant step” forward in its growth process.

As with any other step in the life of a small business the new integration process is very important. A good way to start is with an organizational chart; it not only shows the chain of command but also brings a visual structure to the firm.

Under each name on the organizational chart, list in general terms, the responsibilities assigned to that person. The organizational chart may not be displayed on a wall, but everyone including the owner, knows everyone’s responsibility.  I encourage such an organizational chat even if there is only one employee.

A new employee means change and that change has to be translated into benefits. It provides an opportunity to bring the staff together to share the vision for the future and how everyone benefits if the company reaches its goals.

While the owner (or management team) does that actual strategic planning, it is important that the entire staff has a general knowledge of the direction of the business. That includes goals for the business as well as individual goals reached by fulfilling their responsibilities.

This is also an opportunity to stress the importance of marketing and that it is everyone’s responsibility. It’s also time to review customer interaction at all levels and to establish a company service policy. At a general meeting suggestions should be encouraged as to how new business can be generated and also how to increase revenue from existing customers.

While structure is necessary in any size business, a small business has to combine both the structure and the “business family life” which are essential to its growth. Internal communications must be open and honest; all employees must feel that they are an essential piece of future success.

People pay attention when something that is said connects with something they greatly desire.

John Maxwell

Nick J. Petra CFP      It’s coming in May…..


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