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Small busisness owner or commission salesperson… you have your 1,000…….

1,000 is the magic number; it’s the minimum number of people that should be in your data base to assure success. There are, however, a few criteria in order to make the list.

  • Each one of them must know who you are, both personally and in business.
  • You have permission from each one to send them a newsletter, e-newsletter, etc.
  • You have had a face to face meeting with each one.
  • You have basic information about each such as the type of business they are in, family information, where they live, contact information, etc.
  • Each person, along with their information is in your data base.
  • All are on an e-mail group list.
  • Your data base can print mailing labels
  • Each one has had some contact with you in the last 30 days.
  • This data base is growing by a minimum of three new additions each week, 156 per year.

There are other “data bases” that can be added to your inventory that don’t meet all the criteria set above. They still, however, should also be worked.

  • People that subscribe to your blog
  • People that follow you on social media
  • A targeted business list that receives direct mail
  • What others?

A data base that meets all the criteria  is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to small business (yes, commission sales people are also a small business). No, it isn’t accumulated overnight, but by spending time every day, it can be easily completed in an 18 month period. Most people have a head start by listing friends, past clients, and other contacts in your place of worship, clubs, etc.

The secret to generating business from this list is consistency in providing a value based newsletter every month. A direct mail piece is more expensive but gets a longer shelf life than an e-newsletter. Value based means that it contains useful, pertinent information for the recipient. It isn’t just a sales piece. It can also include some personal information about you.

This is a time consuming project, and if you are serious about your business, you should endeavor to implement this great marketing tool. The results will amaze you.

When you connect with others, you position yourself to make the most of our skills and talents.

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