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Leading with credibility…………..

A common statement I hear from new (less than two years old) businesses is: “no one wants to take a chance on us”. If you call on prospects with an internal attitude that you will be rejected, that’s exactly what is going to happen.

There are very few truly new businesses. A business’ age does not start with the day that it took out legal papers to create the entity; it’s the age of its owner’s dream.

A business is built upon the value system of the owner and for most of us that was formed when we were young. Right away our business foundation is no longer new if we use that foundation base as the business start date. Another building block in the business world is the credibility that the owner, through the business, brings to the market. Each of us is constantly striving to build creditability within our families, our friends and with all our contacts. That credibility is a power center for a new business.

We can add other words from our values; such as integrity, loyalty, dedication, creativity, etc. and verbalize our strengths in each of them. It is possible to go to our data base and get written, personal endorsements in each of these areas.

This is a story-building process; every business owner has a story that needs to be shared. The expansion of values, verbalized by the business owner and others, is a great place to start.

Knowledge and visions of benefits that the product or service will provide to the target market make up the rest of the story.

All this information is bundled into a vision statement and a company name. The only new thing is the selection of a name, the rest of the company has been there for years.

In my mind I have been working on an idea for more than four years. When I add it to my other work experience along with vision for the new company and then insert my “value story”, I will introduce a company that has been around for a long time.

Prospects will buy if:

  • They can see value (benefits)
  • The presenter has credibility
  • That honesty/integrity are the foundation of the business
  • They have confidence that the presenter can deliver the right product/service

Deliver your story with confidence and conviction. Believe in yourself and your business and your story will “age you into acceptance”.

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It’s all a matter of your self belief…………

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