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So you own a business….So who cares?

“I am the owner”…..”I am the President”…..”I am the founder”….. I, I, I, I,…………………………………

So many websites, brochures, news-releases, and other marketing and promotional material feature the company owner(s), followed closely by company information.

Do you really think that a prospect in need of your services/products really cares that you are the President and that you have a college degree, etc.?

Unless your name is a “household name” that is recognized and identified with the benefits that your company provides, it’s not a marketing tool. (Branding a personal name or company name is a long term marketing process.)

When you buy a product/service for your business, you are looking for something that will fill a specific need or perform a certain function. Once you have identified that product/service then you look at the sources which offer that service and at the reliability (credibility) of each company.  Many people say that the final price is a determining factor in a purchase; I disagree. Each of us has purchased a product or service that was not the least expensive, but we felt it provided the best value and made us feel more secure in our purchase decision.  I go back to a previous example I used: there are hundreds of car models and prices. If each car will take you from point A to point B, why do people choose different cars?

Each product or service fills a unique need in the market place. What unique need does your company fill? Of all the possible buyers for your service/product, which part of your target market do you want as customers? Once that “target within the target” is identified, then you can start your benefit list that will attract that market segment.

A common mistake businesses make is trying to be everything to everyone. This method does not allow for product/service delivery systems or the development of an effective marketing plan.

When selling, present the benefits offered, the difference that sets you apart from your competition, and the credibility that is needed to close the sale.

Profitability is a measurement of success ……………..

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