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What is your brand????????????????

Creating a trusted, recognizable brand is the main focus of a good marketing program. The goal of branding is to have prospective customers, ready to buy your products/services, before they come to you. The marketing process required to create the right brand has to spread across all facets of human interest.

It has to start with the image that your community has of you as an owner and of your business. Do the people in your community know who you are? Do they know what your business is? Is there a brand identified with your name? Is that brand one that sets you above similar businesses?

Like all building processes the beginning requires the creation of a proper foundation. A strategic focus plan is based upon the values of the owner(s); likewise, a branding plan has to have the same values for its foundation. Values include not only the more common traits of integrity and customer service but also values like listening, focusing on the needs of the customer, caring for all people, customers and non-customers alike. It also means doing what you say you are going to do; and when a mistake is made and it will happen, owning up to the mistake. I believe that if your brand says all these things, you are well on your way to creating the best brand possible.

.The branding process requires more than being recognized as having “trustworthy values”, It also requires being recognized as having the best knowledge possible about your product or service. Marketing has to understand how prospective customers learn about the knowledge that a business has so that it can be effective in conveying  the “expert knowledge” message.

Another message that has to be conveyed through your brand is that you are the best in one thing; you can’t be everything to everybody thus your target market has to be carefully identified. Having a niche product/service does not mean that your target market is small, it could be a very large niche. I had surgery several years ago and I wanted only the very best surgeon to perform that surgery. When someone needs your product or service, they should want you for the same reason I choose the surgeon I used. He had the best reputation and was considered the most knowledgeable to handle my need.

We haven’t covered the actual “how to market” in order to achieve the desired results, but if the items mentioned in this article are incorporated into your marketing process, your goals will be realized.

Nothing is easier than saying words. Nothing is harder than living them, day after day.   Arthur Gordon

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