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Everyone has a dream……but…..

Because I ask the question I hear a lot of answers. My question is “What would you do if there were no barriers?” As a business coach the answers that most intrigue me are “I have a side business which I would like to do full time” or “I have this great idea for a business” or “I am almost ready to take my business to the next level”.

All of these statements are followed by one of the most negative words in our vocabulary, “but…………….” and then the excuses for not taking action come flowing out. “My kids are still in high school”;” I’m afraid to give up the security of my low paying job”; “I’ll be ready next year” etc. etc. etc….

Dreams can only become a reality if you put work clothes on them. I believe that down, deep inside, all the people that are afraid to reach for their dreams are afraid to get out of their comfort zone. Following a dream may be risky; there is no assurance as to how it will end. There is no predictability when venturing into something new.

When speaking to a group of would-be business owners, I start off by telling them that wherever they are now, whatever they accomplished, good or bad, is of their own choosing.

One of my favorite statements that I occasionally hear from a new business owner is “Failure is not an option”. That tells me that the mindset is right for success.   There is no talk about not being able to accomplish something before the project is started; the conversation is “How can we make it happen?”

If you wait until everything is in order and that your future success is assured, then you will never start your “dream -building journey”. Dreams are based on values and the courage to develop an exit plan from one life to another. The time to start planning is now while your dream is still vivid in your memory. The secret of the business start is putting achievable mini-goals in your business plan and a time frame to achieve each goal. By reaching each of these small goals, confidence will grow and the full dream will get closer until it takes over your life and becomes real.

Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.

Eddie Rickenbacker

Nick J. Petra CFP      find support at for all our business dreams.

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